Creating a Personalised Christmas Ornament Online Just Got Easier With Popsa

Popsa launches its personalised Ornament-making platform for desktop and mobile web browsers in time for the festive gifting season.

Personalisation is part and parcel of the Christmas experience. In fact, 85% of gift buyers say that personalisation is the biggest factor in finding the perfect gift. However, during the festive holiday, the importance of personalisation is heightened even more.

Christmas represents reflection; celebrating the year gone by while looking forward to what the next has in store. Personalised gifts manifest this feeling in a physical way. They become meaningful symbols of remembrance, marking the occasion with past memories that can be treasured well into the future.

Popsa’s Christmas Ornaments have cemented themselves as a festive hallmark. A single image, one perfect moment, finished in glass or acrylic, endowed with a silver ribbon, and loved for a lifetime.

While thousands of customers have enjoyed creating their personalised Ornaments using the Popsa app, our unique tree decorations are now available to create and buy using your browser – a huge step forward for Popsa and our first foray into the world of web.

While creating an Ornament will continue to be a simple and enjoyable process, launching the product online has taken momentous effort from the clever folk at Popsa. While Santa can deliver all his gifts in one night, the journey to this moment has been months in the making.

Last Christmas, I Gave You My Ornament

Popsa’s personalised Christmas Ornaments first launched in 2019. However, last year, more people enjoyed creating an Ornament using our app than ever before. You created hundreds of thousands of Ornaments within just a few weeks at the end of last year. In fact, since they launched, Popsa has helped decorate trees from Alaska to Sydney and even as far as Réunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

What’s been the reaction so far? You’ve loved them! Reviews keep pouring in from those who’ve added their personal touch to the Christmas tree.

We’re hoping Mylissa will be back for another Ornament this year. Last year she said: “I love the glass Christmas Ornaments I ordered from Popsa. They look amazing and they arrived on time. I will certainly be ordering more in the future.”

The ease of use of the app was also celebrated by our customers. Lorraine said: “I wanted to order some Christmas tree ornaments and couldn’t believe how easy the app is to use. Everything is straightforward and each step is clear and concise.”

The straightforward, clear, and concise process of creating the Ornament in the app is something which we’ve aimed to replicate in the web version of the Ornament maker. Everything will still feel very Popsa (and the end product will be the same you know and love) but you’ll now get to enjoy the creative journey from the comfort of your desktop computer or laptop.

Why launch Popsa for Web with Christmas Ornaments?

From Photobooks and Calendars to the Photo Box and Photo Tiles, there’s no shortage of incredible products that Popsa could have launched as their first web product. However, Ornaments represent what makes Popsa’s products so special. Despite containing just one single image, they carry more meaning than words can describe.

Think about the ornaments you have at home. How long have you had them? Some will be years old; some decades old; some may even be older than you. Their sentimental value certainly increases with every year.
Ultimately, your ornaments are part of your personal history and family tradition. They pass through the hands of generations, each decoration with its own story to tell.

It’s why we believe that our Ornaments also make the perfect gift. Our customers use Ornaments to capture an important moment, a special person (or pet), or a treasured memory. Using a photograph that means a lot to you means that as a decoration, you’re scheduling time at the start of every Christmas season to revisit those memories.

Understanding this, it’s important to us to get Ornaments right. Quality and choice are essential to creating these decorations. Crafted from acrylic or glass, the Ornaments are robust, timeless, and made to last Christmas after Christmas.

The additional choice of a Gift Box is the star on top of the tree. The perfect presentation packaging, it turns a memorable present into the best gift of the year. After all, these are the moments that make us. We should do everything we can to make those moments special.

From the web to the tree

Have we mentioned it yet? You can now use your desktop browser to create your Popsa Ornament. Driving (the point) home for Christmas, it means you can now create a customisable decoration containing your favourite photo online, we’ll deliver it to your door, and you can hang it on the tree - or wherever you like.

How to Create a Personalised Ornament?

If you’re familiar with using the Popsa app, you’ll find the experience largely the same. But here’s a rundown of the new online process:

  1. Visit the create an Ornament page.
  2. Log in with your existing Popsa account - or create a new one.
  3. Upload your favourite photo of a memory or someone you want to treasure forever.
  4. Personalise your Ornament to your liking. Resize the photograph, add a title, and change colours and fonts.
  5. Choose if you want your Ornament in glass or acrylic and if you want to add a premium gift box to make your present extra special.
  6. Hit order, set up your tree, and get ready for your personalised Ornament to arrive.

Building Popsa’s First Product For Web

Popsa has been a mobile-first product, with thousands of orders being made at the tap of a finger. On the web, it’s not so much a different experience, just with the click of a mouse instead.

However, migrating Popsa’s much-loved user experiences to the desktop hasn’t come without its challenges. In many ways, building Popsa’s first product for the web carries the same drama of decorating a Christmas tree. Before you enjoy your personalised Ornaments, the tree has to be cut at its roots, wrapped up, and transported to a new setting before being re-erected in a careful balancing act which ends with you wondering why we don't keep a tree in our front room all year round - it just looks so good!

Liam Houghton, CEO of Popsa, explains that this is just the beginning for Popsa as a web platform: “Popsa customers love our Ornaments. Our entry into web apps means that even more people will get to enjoy creating, hanging, and treasuring their decorations.

“As people begin using Popsa on their laptops or desktops, they’ll appreciate the same simplicity and creativity that we’ve built into the Popsa app. They’ll also become familiar with using Popsa online for the first time.

“In future, more Popsa products will begin appearing online, offering people the opportunity to create more quality and memorable print products.”

Peter Harrison, Product Manager at Popsa, commended the development team on their ability to launch the web version in time for the busy Christmas period: “It takes a lot of work to create something that is so simple to use. The user experience is really front and centre with this launch, meaning that creating that perfect gift needn’t take a user more than a few minutes to log in, create, and order.”

A team of a dozen people helped launch the web Ornament maker, a determined expansion of the team since the last festive period. It demonstrates that Popsa regards the digital capabilities of the app and web version as important as the quality of the print products. Together, both the digital and physical products establish why Popsa is the best in class for creating personalised products from your memories.

Peter continued: “Popsa is proving that creating personalised gifts and keepsakes from your memories doesn’t need to be difficult. We’ll continue to build on the foundations of our app and website so that even more people have access to their memories and photos.”

Popsa’s New Year Resolution

Our launch of Ornaments online will not be unique. In 2023 we intend to introduce many more of our personalised print products on

But at the top of our Christmas list this season: another year of memories and treasured moments kept for years to come; it's what it's all about.