Customer Service at Popsa

At Popsa, we believe that our customers are not just “customers”; they are companions on a journey, supporting us and also being an invaluable source of information and feedback.

Not everything in life is perfect; sometimes something goes wrong. When that happens, we are provided with an opportunity to turn a difficult or puzzling experience into a rewarding and meaningful interaction. Every email and message we receive provides us with an opportunity to really impress the customer with the way that we take care of them and turn things around. It also opens a windows into our users’ world and it has given us the chance to discuss happy and sad, important and silly, formal and informal occasions.

We use both proactive and reactive methods when reaching out to customers. This means that in the event that we spot anything odd, we’ll endeavour to reach out and let you know.

Direct customer feedback and comments are really powerful in terms of feeding new ideas back into the Popsa development stream, and this helps us to make a product that resonates deeply with our customers.


Growth at Popsa has been incredible over the past year, and 2019 will be no different. We’ve grown 60% month-on-month, and have recently secured new investment. This has meant that there has been an increase in users from across the world, resulting in more customers and more opportunities to have meaningful interactions.

Our culture of transparency and embracing the growth mindset is valuable to us, so you can expect exactly that when you join our team. We’re looking for candidates who have that spark; the curiosity to challenge and question, but also the sensitivity and empathy when dealing with customer questions and complaints.

Millions of photos have been shared with us, full of precious memories which we’ll always treat with care and compassion.

Data Analysis

Data analysis and customer satisfaction are inseparable and so naturally go hand in hand here at Popsa.

We’re working on focusing more and more on what really matters to the customers, by recording the type and topic of complaints, and using that information to influence product roadmaps and development.

Our relationship with you will never be a single reply where we resolve your issue and that's it; instead we want our customers to be a part of the bigger picture and know that your feedback, complaints and suggestions are really valued in helping us get better. Our customers are central to our journey.


As collaboration is celebrated and valued within Popsa, customer feedback is critical to our marketing tool. We use this information to create a plethora of content to help out, and make everyone’s experience that bit more impressive.

We explore different ways of reaching out to our customers, which you can read more over here.

In the upcoming year, our aims are to build the relationship between marketing and customer relations as much as we can. With the ever increasing range of social media platforms, it’s important that we don’t leave any queries unanswered. After all, relationships are nothing without communication.

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