Marketing at Popsa

Our Purpose

There are plenty of apps out there that will allow you to buy personalised products, but none that focus on why you might want to buy them; to save your memories. As such, we want Popsa to become the publisher of your life.

Our product team is working hard to transform the process of making a personalised product from a 2-hour chore into just an instant. That is going to liberate us to focus on the emotional reasons our customers purchase and to help them tell their story over many months and even years.

All types of moments. All types of experiences. And all types of people.

Our purpose is to help people relive their favourite experiences and reconnect with those they love, without the effort.

Growth at Popsa 🚀

2017 was a fantastic year for Popsa. Sales grew by 60% month-on-month, photo books were purchased in over 33 countries and the results helped secure £3m investment. In 2018 we are looking to 4x our sales, and we want to bring in new people to help drive that.

When it comes to marketing, we believe in the growth mindset to improve user acquisition, activation and retention. We test our hypotheses and use data to inform our decision making.

In 2018, we are making the development of our brand a key focus area. We plan to invest in design, with a fresh brand identity, which is bold and contemporary. Our future content strategy will also be key differentiator, with the intention to mark Popsa out as personal and playful.

With the upcoming launch of Android, a rebuilt iOS app, new products and A.I. driven features, there are plenty of exciting developments to be a part of and plenty more ways to contribute to our growth story this year, into 2019 and beyond.

We are looking for the naturally creative and curious, a compliment to the analytical and technical team we have right now. Our customers have shared over 2 million photos with us, a unique story in every one. We want those who join to help deliver campaigns that inspire people around the world to print their photos and stories regularly; to make Popsa iconic and famous; a way of life.

How you can help with our progression

We did a lot of testing in 2017, and if you want to learn a little about that, there is more to read. But firstly, we want to talk about where we are now and where we’re heading.

📹 Video: We are placing video at the heart of our new content strategy. We have dabbled with this so far, mainly for new acquisition. We’re looking for someone to take the lead on our internal video production, identify outstanding external partners and work collaboratively on our business strategy that drives news users, encourages repeat purchase and turns our fans into lifelong advocates.

📝 Content: We haven’t tested many forms of content to date, so there are many ideas to test and experiments to learn from. Anything from email newsletters, working with Youtube influencers, holding Facebook Live streams, to going out and filming inspirational customer stories.

💁🏻‍♀️ CRM: With the launch of the new apps, we will be focusing on re-working our customer onboarding and retention strategies across email, push messaging & social media marketing channels. We have targets for increasing repeat order rates, and you will be able to devise your own ideas, content and tests for doing this. HTML and CSS skills will be a huge bonus here.

📣 Social Media: From 2017-2018 we grew from fewer than 5,000 Facebook followers to over 20,000 with very little activity to engage with people regularly beyond competitions, customer support and replies to comments. We want to establish Popsa as a regular presence on Facebook and Instagram in 2018.

👬 Partnerships: We worked on some partnerships with the likes of Little Bird, which have been successful in driving sales and association with our brand in a key target market. With endless amount of reasons for printing, we intend to make partnerships a key part of our future strategy.

🗞 Offline: As we grow, we will improve our product and customer lifetime value, and will naturally be looking at other channels to drive awareness. Your creative or campaigns could be displayed on the London Underground, as could your ideas for new, experiential campaigns.

📈 Strategy: You will get to work with The Garage Soho, who were part of our initial seed investment round back in 2017. We are working with them to build a marketing strategy that will create and fulfil desire, making Popsa an iconic brand, and you will be an integral part of that.

🖥 Web experiences: we’ll be looking to step up our front-end web development so we can more rapidly test landing pages, build mini-sites for special product promotions and partnerships, and create shareable content too.

Marketing in 2017

If you wanted to learn a little more about how we grew in 2017…

Our early users came from partnerships with Groupon and Wowcher. These have been an important way of proving demand for the service and our products in a low-risk way, driving early sales, whilst also gaining valuable early feedback about app usage and common customer problems.

BUT, we knew we needed to test other channels..., so over four months from June to September, we conducted a series of experiments mainly online using the Bullseye method from the book Traction.

The purpose was to establish which channels could be effective early, get data on customer value, and to focus our efforts with a small team on those channels with the best possible effort/reward ratio for the ramp-up in the peak months of Q4.

We tested Google Search, Apple Search, Facebook Ads, Snapchat Ads, Bloggers, Partnerships, Email, Push and Leaflets to name just a few. We even stood outside Clapham tube station in pretty purple Popsa jackets to test the “channel”...

We sold lots and lots of photo books with this promotion

Vertical video app install ads on Facebook proved to be the biggest success, whilst we ran a more extensive blogger outreach campaign that brought some great posts, a valuable source of content and some brand awareness too.

Understanding email performance became vital and the tests around subject lines and content helped us drive our biggest sales day on Black Friday. Email has been used for drips to new accounts, promoting offers, supporting social media competitions and asking for customer feedback.

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