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Popsa is helping people record and share their life stories by automatically creating beautiful printed products from their photos.

About Popsa

Technology has revolutionised how we capture our lives, but amid the mass of photos, precious moments are being lost in the cloud or to the depths of our camera roles, never to be seen again.

Popsa is changing how we relive our life stories, automating what has always been a laborious curation and design process into an instant experience fit for the modern world.

We want to give our customers beautiful ways to relive their photos; experiences that add value and form narratives but without them having to invest time they don't have.

We’ve smashed all our targets for three years running, but we've only scratched the surface on what we want to achieve.

How we got here  

Our Vision

The photos we take have become emblematic of our identities. In an ever accelerating, polarised society, making sense of our lives has never been more important.

Popsa is harnessing the power of data for the greater good.

We are combining the latest machine learning technology with sophisticated design to automatically create artefacts that allow people to stop and reflect, and to spark conversations with those around them.

Printed products will always be at the heart of what we do but our ultimate ambition is to enrich and beautifully present the world’s stories across both physical and digital mediums.

Where we're going  

Our Values

We are an ambitious team who value a close knit and progressive working environment. We’re growing fast but we’re taking the time to make sure every new Popsa person is right for us and we’re right for them.

We want everyone to have a growth mindset and share responsibility for the company’s success.

We solve problems together, so team players are very important to us. We love to test our theories and we're not afraid to make mistakes, it makes individuals and the business stronger.

And now's a great time to join! We're still early stage which means you can make an impact and help us hire the rest of the team around you. We’re based in the heart of Soho and soak up all the creative inspiration it brings.

The Growth Mindset  

Where will I work?

You will work together with the rest of the team in a modern office in Soho, London.

From our HQ near Oxford Circus you will be part of a collegiate group of people who regularly brainstorm and stick the results on the wall.

Being based in the most creative quarter of London, if not Europe, we encourage flair, ingenuity and innovation.

Where to eat in Soho  

Perks and Benefits

In addition to the personal fulfilment that comes with a job at Popsa, we also offer the following benefits to all employees:


When your probation period ends, if you have gone above and beyond the core requirements of your role you will be enrolled into the our Employee Share Options scheme. This scheme is designed to reward any employee who consistently goes the extra mile.

Salary Reviews

Our salaries are competitive and based on experience; as you grow so will your reward. All reviews are based on merit — e.g. if after your first year you have more than surpassed expectations your salary will be reviewed upwards.

Team Building

Most weeks the team goes for a social evening to wind down together. Team cohesion is hugely important to us. Every so often we also do planned activities; recent examples are going karting and Flight Club.


Each week we hold a growth meeting to review the latest business metrics. You'll see exactly how your work is making an impact. We expect everyone to join in with the analysis; we are all responsible for growth.


You will be assigned your own MacBook or iMac and have access to the software that helps you do your best work.


From our vibrant location in Central London, we are just a stone's throw from some of the best shops, bars and restaurants in the world.

What kind of people does Popsa hire?

Popsa is an equal opportunities employer.

We want to build a diverse team as we grow so we will hire talented people from a wide variety backgrounds and experiences.

If you're good at what you do and you're willing to give it your all, you're exactly what we're looking for.

Remote Working

It's really important to us to bond as a team and see each other regularly in person.

Therefore, the only thing we ask is that you must be based in the United Kingdom and work (most of the time) from our London office.

Find out why  

Open Roles

Popsa is actively recruiting for the roles below. Although each has a specific job title the reality is that everyone helps each other out when there's a task to be done.

Join Us

If you're interested in joining our journey, drop us an email with some background about yourself and a CV or examples of past work (if appropriate).

And if there aren't any roles listed that suit your skills and experience, it's worth contacting us anyway - we often change our plans to work with the right person.

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