Add text to every page – one of your most requested features has landed

“Where was this again? Was it Puerto Calero?” No more guessing where your old pictures were taken – you can now add captions to every page of your books.

One of your most-requested features is finally here! You can now add text to every page of your photobook. Put small captions under your photos to help you remember key details, or turn whole pages into blocks of text (if you’re feeling especially loquacious).

Caption on a Popsa photobook

What’s more, it couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to get writing:

  • Tap the ⋯ button
  • Enter your caption. That’s it!
  • Want to change font? Tap options
  • Select ‘change font’
  • Choose your favourite

So simple, even we can do it. And we once spent 15 minutes working out how to turn the office TV on.