You can now pay with PayPal and a range of other payment methods in the Popsa app

Create a photobook as usual and then select your preferred method on the Payment Options page.

From today you have a variety of choices when paying for your Popsa photobooks:


The most highly requested feature of 2018. This introduction of this payment method is going to help Popsa customers in central Europe and Germany in particular, where bank-transfers are the most common form of online payment and credit/debit cards are almost non-existent.

iDEAL in the Netherlands

iDEAL is the preferred payment method for Dutch online shoppers. Around 60% of all online transactions in the Netherlands are finalised with this payment method.

Bancontact in Belgium

Bancontact has become the payment method of choice for Belgian consumers. Over 80% of Belgian online shops offer Bancontact as a payment option.

EPS in Austria

EPS (Electronic Payment Standard) is an Austrian payment method, similar to Giropay. EPS allows 2.5 million consumers with an Austrian bank account to purchase their Popsas.

Giropay in Germany

Giropay has quickly become one of the most widely accepted method for online payments in Germany and is available to all consumers with online banking. Consumers are transferred to their own banking environment to complete their Popsa purchase which is important for entry into the German market given the highly conservative and privacy-conscious nature of consumers there.

Google Pay on Android

The equivalent of Apple Pay on iOS. Google Pay has a native integration on capable Android devices and offers a low-friction way for our customers to place orders.