The Joy of Print

If you want to have a richer experience try printing your photographs. Give your beloved images some life and soul; give them a place in your home.

Photography is full of pleasant experiences.

From suddenly spotting an interesting light or subject in a scene and pressing the shutter button, to finally showcasing the images with family, friends and followers at social media platforms.

One of these beautiful activities is printing your creations. In the old days when analogue photography was common, printing your work was a natural task to perform.

From the vernacular to fine art, a huge number of photographs have been taken.

Since their invention in the nineteenth century, photographic tools have evolved into powerful and easy-to-access tools that allow us to keep a record thanks to the behaviour of light.

I'm going to explain the reasons why I believe that printing photographs is still important, and must not be seen as a thing from the past.

We are living in a moment in time where immediacy has become highly demanded by everyone, without considering the consequences.

Our images too often get lost in the Social Media landscape.

There is a solution for you to give them a lasting existence and even some soul.

This means printing images you consider worthy of becoming tangible.

At Popsa we believe that photo printing is what gives life to your pictures.

Smartphones have become a great companion for recording the extraordinary little things that happen every day.

That's why we have crafted a service that allows you to seamlessly get your photographs turned into material objects; physical symbols of your most emotional moments.

So without further ado, these are the four main reasons that drove us into crafting this service for you:

1. Objectiveness

Holding images in your hands is a whole different experience in photography.

By getting rid of any kind of online distraction, and spending some quality time with your images, you will build eventually a better sense of auto criticism and objectiveness.

Getting to know your photos in a physical state will drive you to engage with your photographs. This will also make you more passionate about photography as well, therefore will make you a better photographer.

2. Satisfaction

High-quality prints require you to make a selection; this means that you need to go through those moments that you may have forgotten or that have faded over time.

Doing this is an enormously satisfying experience that I recommend to any person that feels a little bit of love towards photography.

3. Sharing

It doesn't matter if you are showcasing a portfolio or just hanging out with some mates, sharing photos on paper is simply more satisfying than doing it on a screen.

Let's face it, many of us love to share and showcase our images with close ones, either for joy or for feedback.

Sharing your images in a relaxed setting breaks up the monotony of digital life. Try it sometime, you'll be amazed of how much attention people will put into the anti-swipe format of printed images.

4. Longevity

We all have a bit of anxiety that our photos won't be there forever.

How many of us actually know where all our photos are stored?

But you can be sure that years into the future, your Popsa prints will still be there, waiting to tell your story to another viewer.

If you want to have a richer experience that gets away from the ordinary, try printing your photographs.

Give your beloved images some life and soul; give them a place in your home.

We get an indescribable sense of joy when printing our memories, so please share with us your experiences of discovering a completely new world inside photography thanks to the possibilities of print.