10 Top Tips for taking great photos on your iPhone

You don't have to be a pro photographer to get amazing results with with iPhone.

1. Turn off your flash

It might sometimes seem counterintuitive but turning off the flash can work wonders. Always try to use natural light sources or if you are taking pictures at night and have someone else's phone to hand, use the torch feature on their phone to light up your subject in the exact way you want.

2. Experiment with third-party apps

Third party camera app software available from Apple Store come with great controls like shutter speed, white balance, ISO, and exposure, enabling you to snap a photo with much more clarity compared to one from the default camera application.

3. Think about your shooting mode

The default iPhone camera app provides us with different modes for photography including square, panorama, and regular photo. Choosing the right mode is essential as it sets the tone for the entire photo.

For example, square photos tend to me more artistic - useful for capturing a small detail, whereas you'll definitely want the regular photo mode for a natural landscape.

The panorama mode is particularly useful if you plan on uploading to Facebook as they will turn it into a 3D virtual scene for you. If you haven't seen that, try it now!

4. Follow the rule of thirds

You can activate the grid option from your iPhone camera setting and that will help you line up your pics to concur with the rule of thirds like a pro!

5. Use the iPhone camera shortcut

The camera shortcut is a great way to get into camera mode fast without even having to unlock your device. Just swipe right and into the camera your iPhone Lock Screen. You won't miss a moment!

6. Use Burst mode for action shots

If you want to capture something in action, the burst mode (available since the iPhone 5) is your best option. Its original idea was to help capture clear images in motion.

Just hold down on the shutter button to shoot in burst mode. You can then choose which photo to keep afterwards and discard the rest so they don't take up your memory.

7. Turn on Auto-HDR

This software feature, High Dynamic Range (HDR), lets you snap photos with high contrast light sources without needing to over- or underexpose parts of your image.

Under the hood, it captures multiple images and merges them to produce the best exposure across the scene.

This feature can be activated or deactivated manually whilst in the Camera app, however, turning it to auto-mode will make it easy and also will save you extra storage space when taking many photos at the same time.

8. Hold down on a spot to lock the focus

You can lock on to a point in your viewfinder to focused on a subject. Tap and hold on the subject in the viewfinder until the mark turns yellow then proceed to shoot. This is a very useful feature if you deliberately want to unfocus most of your image in favour of a close up detail.

9. Live Photos

Those of you who have iPhone 6S or above will have access to Live Photos. iOS will constantly take little movies in the background (when you have the camera app open) so that it can surround each photo you take with a little animated sequence which brings those moments to life!

If you thought moving images was just in Harry Potter, try this feature out for yourself!

10. Drag on the sun icon to change the exposure

Alongside the yellow square that indicates the focal point you might have spotted the sun icon. Simply dragging this up and down allows you to modify the exposure setting prior to taking your snap. This is great for low light photography as it often means you can avoid using the flash to achieve the improved results I spoke about in tip one.

But most importantly, just make sure you have fun!