Share Photobook Memories This Christmas

We are incredibly excited to have launched two new films as part of our Christmas digital brand campaign.

Both films feature stories that show how with a Popsa photobook, you can combine creative storytelling and heartfelt gift-giving this Christmas. Because sometimes, the silliest moments inspire the best gift ideas.

Teddy Goes Rogue

Our first film explores the adventures of beloved teddy bear, Mr Cuddles, who gets left behind at an aunt’s house.

Cute Disasters

Our second film is a message about parenthood from a daughter to her mother - because there are lots of things no one warns you about when you become a parent.

“Our phones are crammed with memories, and though we’re good at capturing moments, we’re not as good at doing anything with them.”

“At a time of year where we are thinking about our nearest and dearest, we hope these films encourage people to quickly and easily turn their photos into stories and give a photobook as a meaningful and memorable gift.” - Said Nikki Lambert, CMO Popsa.

Share photobook stories with your loved ones this Christmas.