Lead Platform Engineer

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  • Salary: Negotiable based on expertise
  • Equity: Share Options are available for all employees
  • Location: Soho, London
  • Competency: Golang or Python. Deploying to and taking advantage of AWS services.


As the lead backend engineer you will have responsibility for leading the implementation of an event-driven microservices architecture that serves tens of thousands of customers globally.

About Us

Popsa is an e-Commerce startup that uses data to automatically create personalised prints such as photobooks, calendars, and boxes of prints.

Our app is live in 10 languages and we ship to 38 countries around the world.

We are already generating revenue and we grew by 60% month-on-month in 2017. France is our biggest market, followed by the UK and Italy.

In March 2018 we announced a significant fund raise from some of the best investors in the world, including Silicon Valley accelerator 500 Startups, famous brand experts The Garage Soho, Pembroke (investor into Five Guys and Heist), and Octopus (by far the largest investor in Europe).

Our goal is to generate beautiful keep-sake mementos and personal photo-diaries entirely in the background - selecting the best user-generated content via machine learning algorithms before programmatically designing appropriate layouts.

We're calling it a subscription service to your memories; your best photos carefully curated and lovingly presented, printed and shipped to you each month - all without lifting a finger.

From an engineering perspective, we like to get things done properly and have maximum impact. Our Joel Test Score is 11.

Our Vision

You and the Role

Hours of work goes into getting an automated workflow right, so there are very few things more satisfying than a successful build and deploy.

This truly is a central role. You will having a unique perspective of the business with an opportunity to craft optimal, automated workflows for the entire business, and develop our core APIs to support new products, suppliers and mobile/web clients.

We are looking for an engineer who sees the wider business context and can code solutions accordingly; an engineer who prides themselves on writing safe, stable and maintainable code, and who is passionate about automating not only their own workflows but those across the business. The role needs a creative, problem-solving attitude, paired with a sensible approach to risk.

New Challenges

The Popsa platform powers not just our mobile apps, but numerous internal business applications and custom integrations with our industrial print partners. We're also running some in-house-designed hardware deployed too. All in all it's a platform that is accessed tens of thousands of times a day from all over the world.

Following recent investment we've spent the summer building out a new architecture to support the launch of a range of new products. We've successfully embraced a microservices methodology and created a solid foundation on which to build.

This will enable us to build a raft of new features that we've always wanted to build, as well as experiment with machine learning and optimise the platform for a global audience of users. We're looking for someone who has experience building rock-solid backend systems but has a passion for tinkering and experimenting.

We're also looking for someone who is up for a challenge, there's a lot of responsibility here, and we want someone who pushes themselves to constantly improve and learn. If the idea of building out the architecture for a company experiencing 40% month on month growth then we want to hear from you.

Popsa runs entirely on Amazon Web services, so please only apply if you're familiar with AWS services such as EC2, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, ECS and Lambda.

We use Protocol Buffers for inter-service communication. If you're interested, here is some more detail about how we've optimised our networking layer!

Education & Experience

Education is everything, but we recognise there are many ways to get learn. You could have a BSc/MSc in Computer Science (or a related subject) but you might be a self-taught superstar. We don't discriminate on education, it's the experience that matters.


  • Experience designing, building and managing distributed event-driven services
  • RESTful and RPC APIs – you'll be designing and building new APIs for our mobile and web clients, and integrating with new partners and suppliers
  • Competency with a language such as Go, Java or Python
  • Structuring code for scalability and performance
  • AWS Services
  • Testing frameworks
  • Continuous Integration and Continous Deployment - we embrace automation
  • Linux - you should be very comfortable with managing Linux servers and writing command line apps

If you have a few years of commercial experience under your belt (freelance or employed) that's a definite bonus. Make sure you tell us about it when you apply.


  • Documenting code and processes comes easy to you
  • Together we will evangelise the benefits of automated workflows


  • We're a close and hard-working team; happy to share workloads and ask each other for help; you'll need to be a team-player.
  • We're sticklers for neat, maintainable, well-documented code that follows the conventions for the language or framework you're working with. We'll expect you to feel the same way.
  • We work in an Agile team with quick iterations, regular deployments, weekly sprints; it helps if you've experienced these working patterns.
  • We're driving towards increased automation so we expect everyone to contribute to this DevOps culture with high-visibility of application performance.
  • You'll be responsible for API development (architecture, programming, testing, documentation, and deployment), internal apps (such as our bespoke PDF generators and our customer support CMS) and platform stability/security (ensuring Popsa stays up and running whilst protecting our customer's data).


You'll receive a competitive salary based on your skills and experience, but most importantly, you will also get to own part of the business.

Popsa has an share options scheme that is open to all employees.

We'll tell you all about it as part of the interview process.

How to Apply

Right person for the job? Want to be part of a dynamic, young team? I want to hear from you personally! Email me at jobs@popsa.com with your CV and examples of relevant experience.

Salary is negotiable and dependent on level of skill and experience; feel free to be honest and state your desired renumeration level.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Cohen, CTO, Popsa

Email Tom


If you're interested in this role we'd love to hear from you!

Send us an email with a covering letter as well as a CV and/or portfolio where appropriate.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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