Popsa Announces First Charity Partnership to Stop Loneliness with The Jo Cox Foundation

Now more than ever, it's all too easy to feel lonely. We believe that receiving a photobook filled with precious memories can bring a whole lot of joy. But we also know that we need to do more.

Popsa is donating £5 from every sale of our most popular product – the large Hardback Photobook – to charity

Now more than ever, it’s all too easy to feel lonely.

Social distancing, self isolation… these measures are essential, but they can also lead to people feeling completely cut off from society.

For many of us, socialising during the last few weeks has consisted of the odd phonecall. Maybe a video chat or two, if we’re lucky. The lack of physical connection, of something tangible, risks becoming a real issue.

Which is why, at Popsa, we’re pledging to fight loneliness during these challenging times. There are two ways we plan to do this. Firstly, we genuinely believe that receiving a photobook filled with precious memories, a book that’s been made with care by someone you love, is a very special thing.

We’re proud that our product can help people to reach out from one home to another, and send a little joy – all without leaving the house. But we’re also realistic. We know photobooks aren’t going to solve this problem on their own.

Which is why we’ve teamed up with The Jo Cox Foundation (Registered Charity 1170836), a wonderful charity that works to build a kinder, more compassionate society. In addition to promoting their incredible work (go and check out their website, they really are brilliant) we’re also pledging to donate £5 from the sale of every large hardback photobook, directly to The Jo Cox Foundation.

So not only will you brighten someone’s day the next time you send a photobook, you’ll also make a very real contribution to the fight against loneliness.

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