Our vision for changing the way we experience our photos

In 2017, 1.2 trillion photos were taken and 85% of those were on a mobile phone.

Capturing your memories has never been easier, but how many of us look back at the photos in our camera roll?

In an increasingly digital world, we're in danger of losing those special moments when family and friends used to gather around the photo album, sparking memories and debate.

We feel that this is a part of the social fabric that new media simply can't replicate.

At Popsa, we envisage a future in which you can literally feel your photos again, but with none of the hassle that traditionally goes with printing them.

We're developing a range of tactile photo services that require minimal effort.

Our technology will do the heavy lifting so that you don't have to.

Popsa will analyse the contents of your photo library to calculate how important each image is; it will filter out the blurred shots and the pictures of things like receipts, so that we can highlight those things that are special to you.

This is a highly complex process to create and develop, but it's very rewarding as it will allow us to then take these groups of photos and automatically design beautiful physical products with them.

From photo books of your favourite holidays to calendars of the funniest moments with your kids, Popsa will create unique, emotional products made especially for you.

But we won't stop there.

Our vision is to go much further. We want to develop our technology to be so accurate that we can regularly send our customers physical streams of photos direct to their doors. All without them having to think about it.

So instead of sitting down to order something in an app or on a website, you'll simply sign up to the Popsa feed and we'll select the best new photos to send to you each month.

This means the unwrapping experience will take on a whole new level of intrigue and excitement. For most people, this will be the first time that they view these photos after taking them, and sometimes that will be years after the event.

We expect friends and family to be crowding round the parcel with anticipation as to what they're going to see.

The tactile element of physical products is hugely valued by us too.

We'll use the highest-quality materials and formats that feel soft to the touch and that show off your photos in the best light. After all, your memories require nothing less!

Overall, we're going to make things simple.

Simplicity will drive everything we do, from pricing to customer support.

Popsa grew by 500% last year and we're aiming to do the same again this year. We are going to change the way we experience our photos forever.

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