Made in the USA – Popsa opens two print locations stateside

Due to incredible demand, we’ve opened our first US print sites! The printers (based in Seattle and Washington D.C.) will cut US delivery times by a week.

Yep, we’ve arrived in America! We’ve seen incredible demand for our products over the last few months, with the US leading the charge.

Which is why we’ve opened two new print locations – in Seattle and Washington D.C. – to supply our American users with more of the photobooks they love.

A couple looking through their new Popsa book

This move brings a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Faster shipping (a week faster in most cases!)
  • No customs charges
  • Support for the economy at a national and local level
  • (And of course, for our European users, we’re still printing photobooks in the UK and EU, too.)