Bringing Neighbourhoods Together with Photos: Our Top 3 Tips

Popsa partners with Nextdoor to celebrate neighbourhoods around the world. Find out how to enter and get our top tips on how to take a brilliant photo.

Do you love your neighbourhood? Popsa has partnered with Nextdoor to launch an exciting photography competition. Find out how to enter the competition and learn our top tips for taking great photos in your neighbourhood.

2022 has been a special year for neighbourhoods and close-knit communities everywhere. It feels like the long chapter of cancelling plans and smaller social gatherings has finally come to an end. This year has been a return to people getting together to celebrate lots of things including Platinum Jubilee parties and Bastille Day bonanzas - hitting the streets with our neighbours to celebrate special moments - big and small!

In our opinion, the best way to record all the memories we’ve made in our communities is by taking a few pictures. Re-living the memories through pictures can fill us with as much joy as experiencing the cream teas and bustling streets first-hand.

Of course, you don’t need a special occasion to take photos of your neighbourhood. It’s perhaps just as important to capture the joy and simplicity of everyday life. After all, your neighbourhood has its own unique identity, quirks and personality.

Excitingly, Popsa has partnered with Nextdoor, the neighbourhood network that connects you to the neighbourhoods that matter to you, for a special photography competition. We want you to capture the beauty of your neighbourhood through your own eyes. Show us why you #LoveYourNeighbourhood for the chance to win over £500 in fantastic prizes courtesy of Popsa and Nextdoor.

The #LoveYourNeighbourhood competition

Popsa and Nextdoor invite you to capture the beauty of your neighbourhood and share a photo of why you #LoveYourNeighbourhood for a chance to win!

To enter the competition, download the Nextdoor app and follow these three simple steps:

1. Take a photo using a phone, digital, or film camera.

Everyone is invited to take a picture that shows why you #LoveYourNeighbourhood. Pro or amateur - it really doesn't matter. This is an opportunity to show off some hidden gems or interesting views of your neighbourhood.

2. Post the photo on Nextdoor using #LoveYourNeighbourhood

Tell us what this photo means to you. Add a short summary that tells the story of your photo and why you love your neighbourhood to your post. The quality of the photo as well as the story will be judged! Set the audience to “anyone” to help your post reach more neighbours. You can download the Nextdoor app here.

3. Share the photo on Nextdoor using #LoveYourNeighbourhood

Share your post with your neighbours, friends, and family to get the most reactions and comments!

Our top tips for taking photos

If you’re reading this, you’ll have an advantage! The #LoveYourNeighbourhood competition will be judged by Popsa Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Nikki Lambert. As CMO at Popsa, Nikki has a keen eye for photos that tell a compelling story.

Nikki has given us her top tips for taking the best photo (and what she’ll be looking out for when judging the competition). Follow these tips, and you may be in with a chance of winning the grand prize!

1. Choose a subject

Whether it’s a person, a pet, or an object, a strong subject can make a photo incredible. How does the subject of your photo represent your neighbourhood so well? When taking your photo, remember to frame your subject - not a literal picture frame. Get creative, and find something in the scene that can naturally frame your focal point.

2. Think about balance

Whether it’s the colours in the photos, the lighting, or how people and things are positioned or spread out; balance is key for great photography. Imagine that your image is split into thirds. You should place your subject within these, rather than in the centre. It breaks the photo into key focal points, meaning it doesn’t appear too full or too empty.

3. Take multiple shots

We may only be judging one photo – but you shouldn’t take just one shot. Small changes in faces and angles can make all the difference. Taking multiple shots means that you can choose the best of a bunch and you’ll have more opportunities to find the perfect picture to submit in the #LoveYourNeighbourhood competition.

Bonus Tip: Caption wisely

Pictures may tell a thousand words, but your caption is an extra opportunity to tell the world what’s so special about the photo you’ve taken. What makes your neighbourhood so special? Is this the spot where stabilisers finally fell off your child’s bike? How did that make you feel? What happened here that makes here so unique?

What should I take photos of in my neighbourhood?

Your neighbourhood is the place to be - there’s no shortage of people or things to take photos of! But if you’re lacking some inspiration for what to take pictures of, here’s some good ideas and prompts:

1. Dogs and animals

Go for a dog walk, meet the local pooches, and see if they’ll stop for a picture.

2. Architecture

Is there a building synonymous with your neighbourhood? Are there some architectural hidden gems or well-known buildings that are instantly recognisable by the whole country?

3. Nature

Capture your natural surroundings. Find the flowers that grow around your neighbourhood - they define the very nature of where you live.

4. Food and restaurants

Foodies rejoice! Find the place where everyone meets for food, a coffee, or goes on their first date. Who knows what big or little moment you might capture. If not, a picture of your favourite local delicacy may win you the competition.

5. Sports and games

Support your local sports team and head down to a game. You’ll be sure to grab some dynamic shots of touchdowns and back-of-the-net victories.

Time to get creative

What are you waiting for? Get out and start taking pictures of your neighbourhood!

If you already have a collection of photos of street parties and culdesac cookouts, you'll also enjoy creating a Photobook, Calendar, or Ornament of this year’s best moments. Remember to download the Popsa app and print memories that you’ll treasure forever.