Add Public Holidays From Around The World to Your Popsa Calendar

New for 2021 — Make your Popsa calendar more personal than ever; add the public events that matter most to you.

Personalise your Popsa calendar like never before with public events and holidays. See a list of the most popular holidays in your country or select just the ones that matter most to you.

Highlight the important dates of one religion, choose Scottish bank holidays and omit the English ones, or just focus on the really fun stuff (Bonfire Night, Independence Day… basically everything with fireworks).

What’s more, you can choose to have events from different countries; perfect if you have family abroad or are one of those fancy jet-setting types (we’re just jealous).

Labor Day, Bastille Day or Pancake Day? It’s your creation – you decide what to print.

Download the Popsa app for free, and select just 13 of your favourite photos to get started.