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About Popsa

Popsa is a UK-based, international e-Commerce startup that uses data to automatically create personalised prints such as photobooks, calendars, posters, canvases, and postcards.

Our vision is to generate beautiful keepsake mementos and personal photo-diaries entirely in the background - selecting the best user-generated content via machine learning algorithms before programmatically designing an appropriate layout.

We print from multiple facilities around the world and deliver direct to your door within days.

Our aim is to build a subscription service to your memories; your best photos carefully curated and lovingly presented, printed and shipped to you each month - all without lifting a finger.

Our Android and iOS mobile apps are live in 12 languages and we ship to over 50 countries.

We’re growing extremely fast and have over a hundred of thousand customers across the world with over tens of thousands of new people joining every month.

New Challenges

Popsa is currently a world-class experience for mobile users and we want to bring this to a wider audience as we believe that web applications built for modern browser capabilities can be capable as native applications.

Not only should our customers be able to have a complete experience in our web application but they should be able to seamlessly transition between web and mobile experiences.

Popsa isn’t just an app, we’re building an ecosystem. Customers interact with us (and soon each other) all over the world. We process vast amounts of data and transactions and we’re building out a top-tier data-science capability. We also have fulfilment partners across the globe who are tasked with getting customer orders to their door on time and to a very high quality.

Because of this, we move in fast iterations and have a culture of experimentation to make data-driven decisions that facilitate growth.

 You and the Role

We are looking for an engineer who sees the wider business context and can build solutions accordingly; an engineer who prides themselves not only on building interfaces with a high aesthetic value, but also on writing secure, stable and maintainable code, and who is passionate about automating not only their own workflows but those across the business. The role needs a creative, problem-solving attitude, paired with a sensible approach to risk.

You will be working at our HQ in the heart of London's Soho in the Carnaby Quarter.

Required experience:

  • Extensive experience writing type-safe code using Typescript or tooling such as Flow
  • Implementation of a state management library such as Redux, MobX or Apollo Link State
  • Production experience building highly interactive web applications with Vue or React
  • Writing robust unit and end-to-end automated tests
  • A solid understanding of HTML, CSS3, SASS/LESS/CSS Modules or CSS in JS
  • Delivery optimisation using tools such as content delivery networks, minifiers and service workers
  • Experience in W3C AA guidelines and using WAI-ARIA tags

Bonus experience:

  • Building continuous integration and deployment pipelines
  • Experience working with websockets and network-event driven applications
  • Using protocol buffers for serialising data to be sent over the network
  • Experience using browser file APIs and manipulating local files
  • An understanding of web assembly or how it can be integrated into a web application
  • Experience implementing Tensorflow.js or similar ML in-browser technologies (our data science team will be building the models)
  • Runtime performance tuning using browser profiling tools


You'll receive a competitive salary based on your skills and experience, but most importantly, you will also get to own part of the business. Popsa has a share options scheme that is open to all employees. We'll tell you all about it as part of the interview process.

In addition, every engineer has access to a training budget to attend conferences and events around the world.

Got a Question?

If you have any questions about this role or anything about Popsa please feel free to email us at jobs@popsa.com and either our CTO Tom or Head of Engineering Alex will get back to you. Want to have a phone call or drop into our office? Just let us know in your message.

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If you're interested in this role we'd love to hear from you!

Send us an email with a covering letter as well as a CV and/or portfolio where appropriate.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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